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Sex Traffickers Caught with Teenage Runaway

A man and woman in Arizona are facing charges after the authorities asserted that they were forcing a young runaway girl to sell her body for sex and give them the profits.

In early October, a detective with an Arizona State Gang Task Force saw a group of women that he asserted were prostitutes, and he believed an underage girl was among the bunch.

He decided to stay at the location to keep an eye on the girl in question, and the detective reported that she approached a car and talked to the driver before getting in the vehicle.

The detective trailed the car as it reportedly drove away with the girl in the passenger’s seat, and he pulled over the driver.

The man driving the car was identified as 44-year-old Todd Glamann, and he allegedly admitted that he planned to pay the girl for sexual favors.

While the detective was speaking with Glamann, the girl tried to dash out of the vehicle and get away from the scene.

When the officer caught her, the girl told him that she was 15 and that she had run away from her home in Glendale.

The authorities reportedly learned that the teenager was being forced to stay in a man’s residence and have sexual intercourse with him, in addition to allegedly paying him $3,000 a day from the money she earned from prostitution.

When the Crime Targeting Unit got involved in the investigation, they reported that the youngster was additionally allegedly ordered to sell drugs.

The authorities identified the man they believed was prostituting the girl as 25-year-old Larry Darnell Williams. They also purported that 26-year-old Tainisha Lavelle Haynes, who was at Williams’ home when they were investigating, took part in the abuse of the teenage girl.

On November 20, Glamann was taken into custody for his alleged involvement, and he is facing charges for felony taking a child for prostitution.

On the same day, Williams and Haynes were also arrested. They are each facing charges for suspicion of taking a child for prostitution, child sex trafficking, kidnapping, sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual assault, and sexual abuse.

The alleged victim was placed in the care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

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