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Mayor of Massena Busted for Drug Possession and Sales

The Mayor and co-founder of the Boys and Girls Club of Massena is facing charges after allegedly being caught with crack cocaine after purportedly trying to escape the police.

55-year-old Tim Currier serves as the current mayor of Massena in northern New York. He also assisted in the founding of the Boys and Girls Club of Massena, now known as the Police Activities League of Massena.

The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, working with the district attorney’s office and Homeland Security agents, were performing an undercover investigation of a situation that they believed involved Currier selling drugs.

In the afternoon on December 1, Currier was reportedly driving his vehicle through town.

Agents saw Currier’s car and attempted to perform a traffic stop, but according to a media release by the sheriff’s office, the authorities were forced to chase the man for just under half a mile.

Before he stopped the car, the officers believed they saw something fly out of the window of Currier’s vehicle. When they retrieved an object after scouting the area, they reported that it was a packet containing crack cocaine, and it was asserted that Currier had ditched it to try to keep them from finding it in the car.

Currier was taken into custody, and he is expected to face charges for criminal possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence, and failure to comply with a police officer.

He was released after his arraignment and issued an order to return for his scheduled court appearance.

In a written statement the following afternoon, Currier said that he is going to take a leave of absence due to the situation so that he can receive professional help.

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