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Shelter Worker Accused of Sexually Abusing Women Occupants

A Queens man working for the Department of Homeless Services as a housing specialist was arrested on Monday for allegations that he sexually abused two women. The victims are homeless and have been lodging in the New York City shelter where he is employed.

54-year-old Clyde Johnson began working with DHS in 2015. His job as a housing specialist entails assisting homeless people who are staying in shelters in finding permanent dwellings. He has been accused of abusing two women who reside in the Auburn Family Shelter in Brooklyn on at least four different occasions.

The criminal complaint reported that the sexual acts between Johnson and the two victims, age 59 and 60, not only took place at the shelter, but also at another address nearby, and on a Brooklyn city bus in motion. The NYC Department of Investigation believes the abuse took place in April and July 2017.

Johnson was taken into custody on Monday and he faces charges of five counts of forcible touching, four counts of third-degree sexual abuse and four counts of second-degree harassment. He is being held on $8000 bail ordered at his arraignment on Tuesday, and he is awaiting his next scheduled court date of December 8. The court has also issued two protection orders for the victims.

The Department of Homeless Services has suspended Johnson for a period of 30 days, and union policy dictates that he may return to work and be placed on modified duties after his suspension ends. It has been reported that the city is filing charges in an attempt to permanently remove Johnson from his position.

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