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Shoplifter Caught During “Shop With a Cop” Event

Two women were nabbed while allegedly attempting to leave a Walmart store with stolen merchandise while the store was filled with law enforcement agents and families during the annual “Shop With a Cop” event.

Shop With a Cop, a nationally recognized effort supported by donations, tries to help families with children who have been victims of crimes or are suffering from financial hardships. Some of their outreach is meant to facilitate a trusting relationship between children and law enforcement in cases where children have had interactions with police during criminal situations. The children and their families meet at Walmart and law enforcement agents take children through the store filling baskets with toys and goodies they desire for the holiday season.

On the morning of December 10 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, local families were gathered with their children at Walmart so they could take part in the “Shop With a Cop” event.

At the start of the event, it was reported that more than a dozen officers were posted at the door of the Walmart store, and a woman was spotted as she was reportedly wheeling a cart filled with clothes out of the establishment. The woman, who was accompanied by another woman, allegedly did not pay for the clothing before she took it out of the store.

The suspect was identified as 32-year-old Sunny Firestone, and when the authorities spoke with her about the circumstances behind the alleged attempted theft she reportedly disclosed that her mom was ill and needed clothing.

Firestone was taken into custody for suspicion of stealing an estimated $100 in clothing, and she is expected to face a felony theft charge.

The woman accompanying Firestone was issued a citation for her alleged involvement.

Due to the fact that so many officials were at Walmart for the hosted event, an officer expressed his surprise to a news outlet saying, “You want to laugh, but it’s also sad at the same time.”

A preliminary hearing is currently scheduled to take place on December 18.

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