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Nude and Armed Man Arrested For Violating No Contact Order

A man who allegedly went against the conditions of a no-contact order was picked up by the authorities and reportedly found completely naked and in possession of many firearms.

On December 7, an incident between Deltona resident Larry Tague and his wife resulted in his arrest for battery allegations.

When Tague was released on his own recognizance after being charged, he was issued an order prohibiting him from making any contact with the alleged victim.

Three days after his release, Tague’s wife notified the authorities and reported that despite being told he was not to contact her, he had placed 23 phone calls to her. The woman said that she did not answer the phone and reported that Tague had left 14 voicemails during his alleged dialing spree.

Volusia County deputies dispatched to Tague’s residence around 3:00 am, and when they attempted to get him to answer by ringing the doorbell, they reportedly felt as if they might be in danger due to allegedly spotting a rifle near the door. They additionally reported that Tague was noticeably fully nude at the time of their arrival.

The deputies prepared for the possibility that their interaction with Tague might involve his use of weapons, and when he answered the door they believed he was holding a handgun. Tague reportedly closed the door before the deputies were able to interact with him, and they hailed for backup.

All of the deputies on site surrounded Tague’s home while unsuccessfully attempting to speak with the man by phone, so they decided to depart for the time being.

Deputies returned during the day after obtaining an arrest warrant, and while talking with Tague’s brother the man told them that he thought Tague was still naked and confirmed that firearms were inside the house.

After employing their PA to summon Tague outside, the man exited his home peacefully, albeit still nude, and cooperated with the deputies.

Tague was placed under arrest and charged for suspicion of felony aggravated stalking, and according to Volusia County Corrections records, he is still in custody.

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