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Shopper Spat on For Ignoring Social Distancing Measures

A woman shopping at a Big Y market allegedly spat at another customer who refused to follow the arrows showing that the aisles have currently been limited to one-way entry after he ignored her for asking him to comply.

As a response to the current COVID-19 outbreak, several establishments have implemented extra precautions to ensure the safety of their patrons. Many stores have marked their floors with arrows instructing people to only go one direction down each aisle to curtail unnecessary possible exposure through crowding of the shoppers.

Late in the afternoon on May 18, 40-year-old Martine Shanchuk was shopping at the Big Y Market in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

The store has implemented the system of directing their shoppers so they may only enter the aisles from one direction, and while Shanchuk was picking out her purchases she reportedly saw a man who entered the aisle from the wrong direction.

Shanchuk allegedly approached the man and asked him to turn around and follow the rules, but she said he did not comply with her request. In a purported attempt to prevent him from continuing going the wrong way, Shanchuk allegedly placed herself in the center of the aisle, creating a barrier.

According to the arrest report, Shanchuk felt she was unsuccessful in getting the man to follow her allegedly forceful suggestion, and she reportedly removed her face mask and spat at him.

The man, whose face was reportedly hit with Shanchuk’s saliva, called 911 to report the incident. Law enforcement responded and went to the Big Y location.

The police alleged that when they spoke to Shanchuk regarding the accusation, she told them she believed it was her duty to try to make the alleged victim follow the rules, and he would not adhere to her demands.

After she chatted with the police, Shanchuk was placed under arrest, and she is facing charges for suspicion of breach of peace for her alleged vigilante act.

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