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Florida Man Torched Bucket of Kittens During Dispute

While reportedly fighting with a friend who was helping him with home improvements, a Florida teen allegedly threw a lit piece of cardboard into a bucket of her kittens causing injury to one of the felines.

On May 22, 18-year-old William Carr reportedly asked one of his female friends to come to his home in Milton to assist him with a project involving painting.

When the woman arrived at Carr’s residence she was reportedly accompanied by two adult cats and their litter of kittens, which she had temporarily placed in a bucket.

While they were interacting, Carr and his friend allegedly started to argue for reasons that were not reported.

During the alleged verbal altercation, Carr reportedly threatened the woman and said that he was going to light the kittens on fire.

With a cardboard cereal box and a torch lighter reportedly in hand, Carr allegedly set fire to the box and tossed it in the bucket while it was ignited.

One of the kittens inside the bucket allegedly had its face catch fire, and its whiskers and fur were reportedly burned. No other injuries to the animals were reported.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the alleged victim, and she told them about the heated situation between herself and her friend. She asserted that he meant harm to come to her pets.

The responding deputies believed the alleged victim’s version of the events, and they took Carr into custody for the accusation.

Carr was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail, and it is expected that he will face a charge for animal abuse.

Carr was released from custody after paying an ordered $5,000 bond.

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