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Sibling Rivalry Instigated Domestic Battery With a Potato

When the stepbrother of a girl allegedly hit her with a potato because he felt she was dismissive of his attention-seeking pleas, it triggered the authorities to charge him for suspicion of domestic violence.

18-year-old Tyler Scott Parker and his stepsister live near Tampa in a home with their blended family.

On Sunday afternoon, Parker was hanging out with his stepsibling when he allegedly decided that she wasn’t giving him the amount of attention he wanted.

Parker reportedly tried several methods in order to snag the spotlight. When he reportedly became frustrated by her lack of interest, he was said to have resorted to hollering at her.

Instead of entertaining his proposition to hang out together, the girl only gave him enough of her time to issue a reply rather than engaging with Parker the way he allegedly desired.

Parker reportedly became displeased with the way things were going and he warned the girl that he would be willing to propel a spud that he had spotted nearby if she continued to neglect his requests.

When his attempts continued to fall on deaf ears, Parker allegedly decided to follow through with picking up the potato and heaved it in the girl’s direction; an act that would likely be sure to grab one’s attention.

The flying tuber reportedly struck the girl in the head, and the alleged action offered Parker the attention of the police instead of his stepsister.

When the authorities intervened they did not report that the girl had sustained any injuries in the incident, but in light of the accusations against her stepbrother for pitching the potato, the police issued Parker with a misdemeanor domestic battery charge for his alleged negative attention-seeking behavior.

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