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Drunk Elderly Man Tried to Run Over Officer

When the police were trying to detain a DUI suspect they reported that he attempted to hit one of the officers with his car, in addition to allegedly trying to take his penis out in front of her.

69-year-old Don Wolfe was reported as having crashed his car in Donelson on Sunday, and local law enforcement made their way to the location after receiving a call about the incident.

When the police saw the vehicle and driver, they recorded that Wolfe was passed out in the driver’s seat while the car was in park, but the engine was still running.

A female officer tapped on the car window to try to rouse Wolfe from his roadside nap when he woke up just long enough to allegedly give her the finger. When she again tried to get his attention the officer said that Wolfe cussed at her.

Wolfe allegedly pulled on his steering wheel in a way that caused the vehicle’s tires to turn in the direction of the officer before he purportedly pushed on the gas pedal. The car, which was trapped in a muddy ditch, did not gain any momentum.

The police reported that when Wolfe complied with their request for him to get out of the car he wasn’t able to steady himself, causing him to fall into the mud on the ground.

With Wolfe out of the car, it was noticed by the officers that his pants were allegedly unzipped.

Before he was taken into custody Wolfe expressed a need to relieve his bladder and allegedly made an effort to take his penis out of his already partially opened pants in order to do so.

The officers also reported that two opened cans of beer and a bottle of Fireball whiskey were inside of the vehicle.

Wolfe, who the officers claimed was so uncooperative that they were unable to test his blood-alcohol content, was placed under arrest and charged for suspicion of DUI, driving with an open container, evading arrest, attempted assault, implied consent, and public indecency. It was ordered that he remain incarcerated in lieu of $8000 bond.

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