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Single Testicle Got the Ball Rolling in Domestic Violence Arrest

When a South Carolina married couple reportedly got into a spat revolving around one of the men having only one testicle, the fight allegedly escalated to a physical level causing the authorities to step in.

46-year-old Curtis McCoy and his husband have been married for a decade, and the men live together in Myrtle Beach.

On January 18, McCoy and his significant other had allegedly been drinking alcohol. McCoy reportedly commented on the fact that his spouse only has one testicle.

His husband allegedly did not appreciate the purported dig about his private parts, and, according to the affidavit, McCoy “became hostile with escalated volume in verbal words.”

After hearing McCoy’s alleged harshness his husband reportedly began to defend himself by shouting and pointing a finger at McCoy.

In response to the finger in his face, McCoy allegedly took ahold of his husband’s digit and twisted it until it hurt.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department was notified about the alleged disturbance, and the authorities were sent to the home.

Officers talked to McCoy and the alleged victim individually.

Both McCoy and his husband had similar statements regarding what had transpired, and after McCoy allegedly mentioned that he did grab and twist his husband’s finger he was informed that he was going to be taken into custody.

McCoy and his husband reportedly joined forces in telling the officers that nothing physical had taken place. They additionally disclosed that they had both been arrested for domestic violence in the past and that they knew better than to cross that line again.

Despite their pleas for leniency, the police determined that McCoy hurt his husband physically, and he was placed under arrest.

McCoy is expected to face charges for suspicion of domestic violence.

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