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Slide Stolen From Park Found in Mobile Home Bedroom

The authorities have reported that they ended a months-long search for a stolen playground slide after discovering it inside the bedroom of a Burbank mobile home.

Last December, the authorities were told that a slide from Tierra Vida Park in Pascoe, Washington, had disappeared from its place in the playground. The weight of the large piece of equipment was an estimated 400-pounds.

The police search was fruitless until the end of February.

On February 28, a detective with the Pascoe Police Department was investigating a report about a possible slew of local thefts of catalytic converters. The suspects were cutting the parts off of the victims’ vehicles.

A truck identified as one of the vehicles reported in the incidents was located by the authorities.

When a traffic stop was performed, 30-year-old Dustin Allen Bushnell was identified and purported to be one of the suspects.

The police obtained a warrant to inspect Bushnell’s residence.

When they arrived at the man’s mobile home in Burbank, officers reportedly discovered several catalytic converters.

During the inspection of the residence, the officers reportedly noticed a large playground slide that had been modified and attached to a bed inside a child’s bedroom.

The authorities asserted that the enormous slide matched the one that had been taken from Tierra Vida Park.

With visibility of what was reportedly believed to be a colossal amount of probable cause linking Bushnell to the burglary of the park’s property, he was placed under arrest for the allegations.

Bushnell was booked into the Walla Walla County Jail on an investigative hold. He is expected to be charged for suspicion of possession of stolen property.

He has not currently been charged for his alleged part in the catalytic converter thefts.

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