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Special Ed Teacher Suspected of Theft and Resale of School iPads

An elementary school special education teacher has been accused of stealing iPads that belong to the school district and reselling them for profit. Her boyfriend is also a suspect in the purported activity.

42-year-old Amanda Mirkovich has been employed with the Clark County School District in Las Vegas since 2013. For the past three years, she has been on an assignment as a special needs teacher at Tate Elementary School.

During the course of an investigation, authorities were sorting through the transaction records from the local pawn shops on April 3 when they discovered three iPads that raised their suspicions. Upon further inspection, they learned that the electronics had black stickers placed on the underside that seemed unusual. When the stickers were removed an engraving saying “Property of the Clark County School District” was revealed beneath the concealing label.

Police found the iPad sales records and learned that two of them were brought into the shop and pawned for $160, and Mirkovich’s name was allegedly displayed on the transaction ticket. The third iPad was sold to the shop for $100 and the name on the ticket was reportedly that of 41-year-old Robert Oseguera, who was later identified as Mirkovich’s boyfriend.

The records from the pawn shop combined with Mirkovich having proximity to the iPads through her job resulted in detectives contacting her to discuss the matter. Mirkovich stated that the iPads belonged to Oseguera who had purchased them on the internet and that she would never take anything from the school.

When investigators spoke with Oseguera he disclosed that Mirkovich brought the iPads home from the school and he would then restore them to factory settings before applying the black stickers to the back. He also said that Mirkovich was not aware of his actions.

Mirkovich and Oseguera were taken into custody on Thursday and booked into the Clark County Detention Center where they are facing several charges.

Mirkovich has been accused of felony burglary, felony possession of stolen property, grand larceny, and obtaining money under false pretenses which is a misdemeanor charge. She remains in jail on a $21,000 bond and upon her release, she will be on “assigned to home” status with the school district.

Oseguera is being charged with one count of felony burglary, one count of felony possession of stolen property, and one count of the misdemeanor of obtaining money under false pretenses. He remains in jail in lieu of $12,000 bond.

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