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Man Wounds Officers During Drug Possession Arrest

A South Carolina man reportedly attacked officers during a drug arrest causing one of them serious injury and harming another. He is facing several charges for the assault.

Demetrius Lamont Jamison, a 26-year-old man who resides in Orangeburg, was walking home on Thursday around 4:30 p.m. He decided to walk through a wooded area near the Craven Lane Trailer Park to get to his destination.

At the time that Jamison was walking officers from the Orangeburg Department of Public Safety were in the process of investigating a report that there had been gunshots fired at the trailer park.

When the officers noticed Jamison entering the woods they approached him and inquired about his reason for being in there. Jamison explained that he was walking to his home when the officers saw that his socks appeared to have parts of them jutting out giving them the impression that he was using them to store something.

When he was asked about it Jamison took the items out of his socks and presented them to the officers explaining that they were the wrappers from cigars. The officers believed that they were a collection of partially smoked cigar wrappers that were filled with cannabis.

Jamison underwent a full search of his person by the officers and they allegedly found he was carrying a baggy full of the marijuana cigars and prepared to take him into custody for the drug possession.

Before the handcuffs were secured on Jamison’s wrists by Officer Philip Martin he purportedly attempted to flee, but he was intercepted by additional responding officers.

Officer Cody Miles assisted Officer Martin in detaining Jamison, and as Martin attempted to affix the cuffs Jamison allegedly slammed his forehead into Miles’ head causing fracturing around the officer’s eye in addition to a concussion. Martin reportedly had his leg injured in the event as well.

Jamison was taken into custody and on the way to the detention center, one of the officers alleged that Jamison smashed his head against the cage inside of the police vehicle in what was believed to be an attempt to hurt himself.

After being booked into the Orangeburg County Detention Center Jamison was charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, third-degree assault and battery, loitering, resisting arrest, and simple possession of marijuana.

On Friday when Jamison stood before a Municipal Judge for his bond hearing he stated that the officers had no reason to “jump on” him and that there were people around who had witnessed the event who could support his testimony. He denied assaulting the officers and he also explained to the judge that since his recent release from jail on prior charges he was working on making himself better.

Due to the severity of the injuries that were sustained in the incident in addition to his prior criminal history, the judge decided that Jamison would be held without bond to ensure his appearance at his hearing. A medical evaluation on Jamison’s current state of health was also ordered to be performed while he is in custody.

Officer Miles was given a diagnosis that it is likely he will have blurring or impaired vision and could possibly lose full use of his left eye.

Officer Martin’s leg has been placed in an air cast.

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