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Students Get Ill After Ninth Grader Shared Laced Treat

A ninth grader at a North Carolina high school is being held legally accountable for an incident where she allegedly shared marijuana edibles with three of her friends resulting in them becoming ill.

A 14-year-old girl who attends Perquimans County High School as a freshman allegedly brought a Cap’n Crunch cereal treat infused with marijuana to campus with her and split it into quarters. The girl then gave a portion to three other students that she is friends with.

The teens who ate the pieces of the cereal bar reported that they felt ill and were taken to a local hospital to ensure their well-being, and law enforcement was notified of the situation.

The police have reported that they have not determined whether the students who shared the treat with the girl who allegedly distributed it knew that the drugs were a part of the ingredients.

The student who reportedly brought the cereal bar to school and shared it is facing possible suspension at school, in addition to charges of possession with intent to sell and deliver, and three counts of sale and deliver for the accusations.

All of the teenagers were assessed and released from the hospital in good condition, and at least one of the mothers reported that she has intentions of pursuing legal actions against the girl who allegedly gave her child the food.

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