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Substitute Teacher Accused of Sex Crimes Against Students 

A man who worked as a high school substitute teacher and track coach was arrested for several crimes after he allegedly bought alcohol for students and filmed them while they were engaging in sexual behavior. 

20-year-old Peyton William Harris lives in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania. Starting in 2021, Harris was a substitute teacher and assistant track coach at Juniata High School. He also worked as a substitute teacher at Newport High School. 

This April, the authorities were informed that Harris allegedly had sexual contact with a high school student.  

When investigators talked to the boy about the alleged physical connection, he reportedly said that he and a couple of other students were hanging out with Harris. Harris allegedly bought alcohol for the group using a fake identification card.  

The boy reported that he and Harris kissed at the gathering. He also alleged that Harris recorded a video of the boy while he was having sex with a girl. The underage alleged victims were reportedly unaware that they had been filmed. 

According to reports, Harris used the social media platform Snapchat to share more than one of the images and recordings. 

On April 30, Harris talked to the authorities about the situation. They acted on a warrant and seized his cell phone. 

When explaining his side of the story, Harris allegedly said he used a fake ID to buy alcohol and shared it with the students at his home. He reportedly said he took some pictures and videos but said he only sent them to the boy who made the accusations. 

Harris was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police and booked into the county jail. He may face charges of sexual abuse of children using photography, dissemination of child sex acts, child pornography, invasion of privacy, corruption of minors, furnishing alcohol to a minor, and carrying a false identification card.  

Following his arraignment, Harris was released after he posted $100,000 bail. 

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