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Far-Right Pastor Blames Lack of Vitamin D for DUI Arrest 

A far-right pastor in Montana who resigned from his church after being charged with DUI and weapons charges said his deficiency of Vitamin D was responsible for the situation. 

40-year-old Jordan Daniel “J.D.” Hall was, until recently, the pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church in Sydney, Montana. Hall is notorious for his far-right political alignment, and he founded a political website called Protestia. 

Around 11:00 pm on May 11, the authorities reportedly spotted Hall driving his vehicle erratically. 

When he was pulled over, the police asserted that he showed indications of intoxication. Hall’s eyes were allegedly watery, and he reportedly had trouble speaking coherently. 

It was reported that Hall agreed to roadside sobriety tests, and when the man attempted to perform the exercises he allegedly could not maintain his balance. 

A breath test was given, and the police reported that the results indicated there was no alcohol in his system. 

The police took Hall into custody based on the assertion that he failed the roadside sobriety testing. They reported that he had a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Shield handgun concealed in a holster under his coat. 

He is expected to face charges for driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated 

Hall tried to resign from the church as a result of the arrest, but the church leadership and congregation members rejected the request. They stated that “Pastor Hall has suffered from documented vitamin D deficiency, which can result in poor coordination, slurred speech, word displacement, etc.” They asserted that the symptoms displayed from the deficiency could easily be mistaken for intoxication. 

Instead of allowing him to resign, the church determined that Hall would be required to take time off to tend to his personal health. 

It is reported that Hall is no longer the publisher on the Protestia website.  

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