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Substitute Teacher Arrested for Sexual Relationship with Student

A former substitute teacher who is the wife of a police chief in Oklahoma is facing felony charges for allegedly taking part in a sexual relationship with one of her teenage students.

Last October, a woman who was working as a substitute teacher for the Wellston Public School district was teaching at Wellston High School.

The woman, who is married to the chief of police, reportedly sent a text message to a 15-year-old student about a school assignment.

Later that day, the pair reportedly added each other as friends on Snapchat, and they continued to talk. During their discussion, the teen boy reportedly shared a shirtless picture with the teacher.

According to reports, the woman said, “Are you trying to get me to lose my job?” in response to the photo.

The situation allegedly intensified, and the pair reportedly shared nude photos and videos with each other within weeks of the first exchange. They also allegedly kissed while at the school on two occasions.

The teen reportedly told one of his friends about what was going on, and the friend asked the teacher if it really happened. She reportedly first said it did not, and then changed her story and admitted that it did occur.

The woman turned herself in, and she is facing charges of two felony counts of soliciting sexual conduct or communication with a minor by use of technology, two felony counts of lewd or indecent acts against a child under 16, and making obscene or filthy words or photos.

She was released on a $50,000 bond, and she could spend up to three decades in prison if she is convicted as charged.

The suspect was fired from her position as a teacher.

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