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Suspect Arrested Twice in Three Hours in Wawa Stores

A New Jersey man was taken into custody on two separate occasions on the same day after he allegedly entered two different Wawa locations without a face mask and reportedly threatened to harm the people inside.

70-year-old Stephen Breza lives in Toms River, New Jersey.

Last Saturday morning, Breza allegedly went to a Wawa convenience store without a mask covering his face.

When the man was reportedly asked by the staff to comply with the safety measure he allegedly lashed out angrily and began to scream obscenities at the workers, in addition to turning his reported rage toward a shopper in the establishment.

According to a statement by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Breza told the customer he was going to strike him with a pipe.

The authorities arrived and placed Breza under arrest for the allegations, and after he was booked he was released from custody.

Around 1:30 pm, Breza reportedly went to a different Wawa location about 15 blocks away from one in which he was arrested, and again allegedly entered the store without a mask.

While he was inside the establishment Breza allegedly struck a customer in the face before exiting the building and retrieving a pipe from his vehicle. When he grabbed ahold of the object he allegedly began to swing it around.

Breza was arrested a second time, and while they tried to detain him the police asserted that he was rather uncooperative.

Breza was booked into the Ocean County Jail, and he is expected to face charges for two counts of violating emergency orders, disorderly conduct, failure to submit to fingerprinting and making terroristic threats during an emergency.

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