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Suspect Threatened to Bomb Iconic Central Park Statue

A man was arrested last week after he allegedly made it known that he intended to use a homemade pipe bomb to blow up the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.

Central Park’s Alice in Wonderland statue, created by José de Creeft has been a beloved fixture in New York City since 1959.

On April 9, friends and family members of 30-year-old Kevin Fallon reportedly received a text message from the man stating his alleged intention to plant and activate a bomb at the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in the park.

It was reported that a second round of text messages was sent by Fallon with an image of a homemade pipe bomb with a watch attached. The body of the message allegedly stated, “This is going to hurt. None of you are safe. I am lethal.”

Fallon’s mother reportedly contacted the authorities and asked them to perform a wellness check at her son’s residence.

When officers from the New York Police Department inspected the apartment they reported that they discovered three pipe bombs, several knives that had been secured together with tape, and ammunition they believe was intended for use with a rifle.

The bomb squad was called to the scene and they confirmed that the device was empty and not functional.

Fallon was reportedly found by the police in a hotel in the Theater District later in the afternoon on Saturday.

Officers placed Fallon under arrest and he was charged for first-degree felony suspicion of making a terroristic threat, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Fallon’s arraignment was held on April 13, and he is currently being at the Rikers Island’s Anna M. Kross Center in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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