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Suspect Asked Police to Check Meth for COVID-19

An Iowa woman walked into a police station and allegedly requested they check a substance identified as methamphetamine for her so she could see if it had been contaminated with the novel coronavirus.

Around 1:00 pm on April 5, officers at the Sioux City Police Department reported that a woman covered in sweat with the appearance and demeanor of someone under the influence of an illicit substance entered the building and walked up to them.

When they began to interact with the woman, identified as 53-year-old Sioux City resident Shawn Salmen, she allegedly asked the police if they would consider testing her drugs to be sure they were not tainted with COVID-19.

Salmen, who reportedly disclosed to the officers that she had used methamphetamine, allowed them to check the contents of her vehicle in addition to letting them pat her down to check her person.

The police reported that they located just over half an ounce of “a white crystalline substance,” and that a test revealed it was most likely methamphetamine. They also said they found an undisclosed but sizeable amount of marijuana, which Salmen allegedly positively identified as cannabis for them. Many pieces of paraphernalia assumed to be tasked for using drugs were reportedly discovered as well.

Salmen was taken into custody on the spot for failure to affix a drug tax stamp and a controlled substance violation. She was also charged with a first-offense possession of marijuana.

After Salmen was drug tested at the Woodbury County Law Enforcement Center, she was booked into the Woodbury County Jail and ordered to post a $25,000 bond before she was released from custody.

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