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Suspect Charged for Assaulting Homeless Man Pleads Not Guilty

A man has been suspected of more than one assault in the San Francisco area after someone fitting his description was caught on a surveillance camera while in the act of attacking a sleeping homeless person. He is additionally suspected of being involved in at least two other violent incidents in the neighborhood.

58-year-old Samuel Youmtoub lives in San Francisco and has been accused of being the aggressor in three assaults, one of which allegedly took place in early February, while the other two happened in May, three months later, and within days of each other.

On February 4, a man had unexpectedly run into Youmtoub after having a prior interaction with him, and the man decided to walk away to avoid making contact with him again. As the man reportedly tried to leave the area Youmtoub spotted him allegedly went after him until he was within reach of the man.

When Youmtoub purportedly got his hands on the victim he punched the man until he fell to the ground. That is when Youmtoub was said to have kicked him in the face causing him enough injury to require hospital treatment and stitches.

Youmtoub was arrested as the suspect of the assault, and when he gave his statement to the authorities he reportedly said that the man was taunting him by repeatedly making strange facial gestures, and he refused to acknowledge the request that he stop when he was asked.

Around three months following the first incident, on May 24, a surveillance camera picked up a recording of a man that police believe to be Youmtoub. The suspect was seen walking up to a homeless man who was asleep on the sidewalk and kicking him in the face before strolling off. The alleged victim was found bloodied and in need of hospitalization, and reportedly had suffered from serious injuries.

Five days later on the afternoon of May 29, a 28-year-old passenger on the San Francisco Municipal Railway bus who was listening to headphones was seen on the video recordings from on board the bus when someone walked up to him and began shouting before grabbing him by the hair and smashing his face into the handrail a number of times. The victim was left with a broken nose and what was described as severe injuries requiring surgical intervention.

When the video from the bus surveillance camera was reviewed by the police they believed the suspected assailant was Youmtoub.

Last weekend, just after 12:30 pm, Youmtoub was seen by a patrolling officer who recognized his identity while he was walking through the UN Plaza.

The officer and his partner detained Youmtoub, and as he was taken into custody he reportedly asked the officers, “Why aren’t you doing anything about the homeless?” When speaking with police later he also allegedly expressed that he gets annoyed with the way the homeless population get in his way, and spend their time inside the public library when they lack a place to go. He further disclosed that he does not believe the homeless people are to blame for the problem, but that he thinks the city officials are.

Youmtoub was taken to the San Francisco County Jail where he is facing charges of three counts of battery with serious bodily injury, and one count of battery on a transit employee or passenger.

Youmtoub entered a plea of not guilty to the allegations on Wednesday. He is currently being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court again with his public defender on Monday.

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