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Suspect in Hot Water for Flooding Airport

A man remains in custody after being held accountable for an incident involving the vandalism of an Arizona airport causing them to halt operations for a full day in order to administer repairs.

On Friday, the Glendale Municipal Airport was the site of an incident involving damage to an entire floor of their building. The airport serves as an institution that provides instruction to new pilots and contains technological devices that allow the trainees to participate in mock-flights for practice.

The reported cause of the catastrophe appeared to be a suspect who allegedly broke several windows with a hammer before bringing a hose inside of the building and allowing it to flood the interior of the ground floor. The building was unable to reopen for 24 hours due to the amount of clean-up and dry time needed to restore it, and it reportedly cost $70,000 to complete the job.

Security footage was reviewed and it allegedly depicted a clear image of the perpetrator, identified by the authorities as 23-year-old Timothy Tan Guan.

Two days following the flood, an employee at the airport saw a man they believed resembled the person who was shown in the video hanging out outside of the building and jotted down the person’s license plate number in order to give it to the police.

When looking into the information the police reportedly discovered that Guan had been detained in November while driving a vehicle with the same license plate number as a result of reports that he had been throwing eggs at cars.

Officers decided to go to Guan’s home and wait for him to leave in the vehicle before they approached him. During his arrest, his car was alleged to contain 600 eggs inside of the trunk.

Guan was taken into custody and booked without bail. He could be facing charges for criminal damage exceeding $10,000, and aggravated criminal damage, if enough probable cause exists that it is decided to officially charge him for the allegations.

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