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Suspect said New Medication Led to DUI Arrest 

A woman in Florida was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol after a deputy asserted that she smelled like spirits and was driving erratically. 

48-year-old Rachel Kay Paquette is originally from Michigan, but she currently lives in The Villages in Sumter County, Florida. 

On the afternoon of May 22, an on-duty law enforcement officer reportedly saw Paquette operating her vehicle in what they considered an unsafe manner. 

The deputy reported that they watched Paquette first visit the ABC liquor store located in the Trailwinds Village. She left the liquor store and went to an ALDI Market in the same center. 

The deputy approached and interacted with Paquette, and they reported that they detected a strong odor of alcohol. It was asserted that the scent was emanating off Paquette. 

According to reports, when the officer asked her about the way she was driving, Paquette said that she recently switched medications to manage her medical problems. She allegedly told the deputy that she knew she did not belong behind the wheel. 

It was reported that Paquette explained the alleged smell of alcohol by telling the deputy that she had a couple of drinks the previous evening. 

She reportedly consented to roadside sobriety tests, and the deputy asserted that she performed poorly. 

The woman agreed to take a breathalyzer test, and the machine showed her blood-alcohol content to be .296 and .321. 

Due to her breath test results, Paquette visited the University of Florida Health-The Villages Hospital Emergency Room to ensure that she did not need medical attention. 

Paquette was transported to the Sumter County Detention Center after being released from the hospital. She may face charges of DUI. Her bond was set at $1,000. 

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