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Suspect Used Burger as Barter For Prostitute Services

A man in Albuquerque has been accused of using a burger as a form of payment during an alleged negotiation with an undercover officer posing as a sex worker.

On Tuesday evening, a man toting a bag of food from Chili’s restaurant reportedly pedaled the bike he was riding up to a woman standing on the sidewalk. The woman, who the suspect believed was a prostitute, was actually an undercover officer.

The man spoke with the woman and allegedly told her that he would not receive his paycheck for three-days, but he wanted to know how to get in touch with her because he was reportedly interested in hiring her for sexual services when he got the money.

The officer saw the bag of food the man was carrying and proposed that he trade her what was inside, which he reportedly said was a hamburger, for a sexual encounter with her.

Upon allegedly accepting the offer the suspect, identified as 36-year-old Dominic Calderon, was immediately apprehended for his reported agreement to the unorthodox payment method.

Calderon was taken to the Bernalillo County jail where he was incarcerated and charged for suspicion of soliciting a prostitute.

It was discovered that Calderon had served a sentence for a prior criminal sexual penetration charge that he was prosecuted for 14-years ago, and he is listed on the sex offender registry as a result of the outcome. He is also currently still on probation for the offense, and due to the current allegations, Calderon’s probation was revoked.

If he is convicted and sentenced for the charges, Calderon may have to serve 6-months in jail in addition to paying a $500 fine.

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