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Suspect Wanted in Eight Counties Arrested for Organized Thefts

A man who authorities believe has been a part of a theft ring that has been stealing high-end coolers from retailers and then profiting by selling them online has been arrested as one of the suspects involved in the operation.

After a fire alarm at the Academy Sports and Outdoors store was triggered on February 8, the employees realized that approximately $1200 worth of coolers went missing from their inventory. The surveillance video in the establishment showed two men taking Yeti brand coolers out of the emergency exit door.

The Selma police were notified and began looking into the incident, and they released a bulletin alerting law enforcement agencies throughout Texas. Detectives in Fort Worth reported that they recognized the suspects, who are believed to be the same men that were a part of several other thefts of the same nature in eight other counties; six in Texas and two in Louisiana.

Based on the video captured from the store, and the details from the thefts in the other counties, police were led to believe that Leon Gamble Jr. is one of the suspects responsible for the activities.

Advertisements for Yeti coolers reportedly appeared online and were listed on The authorities allegedly found evidence linking Gamble and a second suspect to the ads, and they purport that the stolen coolers were the products being offered for sale.

The alleged suspects’ location was tracked to a motel in Selma and the police suspect that the ads for the stolen goods were created and uploaded from their room.

Gamble was taken into custody on July 17 and he is facing one charge of organized retail theft.

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