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Sweeping Reform to Affect Californians with Theft or Drug Convictions

Californians have just enacted the biggest change to the criminal justice system in a generation. Voters have approved Proposition 47, which will reduce most drug and many theft crimes from felonies to mere misdemeanors. This will reduce or eliminate thousands of jail sentences across the state.

Anyone who is currently serving a prison sentence that qualifies under this reclassification is eligible to petition for a new, lighter sentence, even if currently incarcerated under Californias “three strikes” law. Someone serving a 25-to-life sentence may, for example, be allowed to leave prison now with credit for time that has been served.

But, hundreds of thousands of people who have already been convicted of felonies and have trouble getting jobs or becoming licensed because of the felony conviction may be able to get their convictions overturned and then reduced to misdemeanors under this reform.

If you have a loved one currently serving a jail sentence for a drug or theft crime or if you have suffered a prior drug or theft felony conviction and want to see if your conviction can now be overturned, call Orange County criminal lawyer Staycie R. Sena at (949) 477-8088 today.

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