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A Florida man is facing charges after he was reportedly caught riding a lawn mower while under the influence of alcohol.

On the afternoon of April 30, a 64-year-old man from Oconee County traveled on the highway using a riding lawn mower as his mode of transportation. According to reports, earlier this year he was struck by a vehicle while riding a lawn mower. The man rode to a local Golden Pantry Food Store to purchase beer before he headed back home.

Deputies from the Oconee County Sheriff’s Department were on duty in the area, and they saw the man on the mower. They reported that they saw him lift a can to his mouth and take a sip, and they believed it was a beer can. The deputies approached the man to discuss the situation, and their suspicions were further raised when they thought they smelled alcohol on his breath.

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A Tennessee vendor hired to drive children and families using a motorized lawn mower to pull the “Santa’s Train” carts during a local parade was accused of operating the machine under the influence of Methamphetamine with young passengers on board. 

On the evening of November 11, Tazewell, a quaint town in Tennessee, hosted their annual Christmas Tractor Parade. One of the features at the event was “Santa’s Train,” which allowed children and families to take a ride in red carts towed by a motorized lawn mower. The 40-year-old man charged with driving the “train” was appointed by the third-party vendor.

Before the parade began, the man was giving rides to passengers, and several people at the event became concerned when they thought he was driving unsafely. There were many officers on site, and when one of them became aware of the situation, they made the man stop the vehicle.

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