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An Alabama woman, and her husband who worked as a warden in a correctional facility, were arrested and accused of multiple drug offenses including manufacturing and possession.

According to reports, the Limestone County Correctional Facility warden has worked for the Alabama Department of Corrections for more than two decades. Prior to his current post, the 45-year-old man was the warden at the Birmingham Community Based Facility for women.  He and his 55-year-old wife share a home in the local area, and court records indicate that since September 2022, they have been under investigation for the manufacturing of psilocybin (psychedelic) mushrooms in the residence.

On the morning of April 19, the Alabama Department of Corrections Law Enforcement Services Division, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s SWAT team, and the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office went to the address with warrants to search the premises, in addition to the man’s business office. They also had arrest warrants for him and his wife.

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An Oregon man who was allegedly found with an illegal gun is suspected of manufacturing and selling meth and accused of domestic violence after the police further investigated the situation.

According to reports, drug sales in Eugene have increased, and the authorities are actively working to improve the conditions.

The police were recently notified about possible drug activity taking place downtown, and in the West University neighborhood. Officers from the Eugene Police Street Crimes Unit followed up on the reports. They were led to a 35-year-old local man who lives close to the University of Oregon, and they believed he was involved in the drug sales.

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A man who allegedly made an attempt to trick his former friend into opening up a toolbox filled with dog feces is facing felony charges after the police discovered drugs and a shotgun in his residence.

48-year-old Robb Alexander Stout reportedly shared a friendship with a man that had borrowed one of his possessions and did not return it.

Stout, who stated that he and his friend used to enjoy watching online videos of people pranking each other when they were hanging out, allegedly decided to devise a gag of his own in an effort to show his displeasure regarding the borrowed belonging.

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