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Teacher Masturbated in Front of Second-Grade Class

A substitute teacher in Georgia is facing felony charges after allegedly recording herself while masturbating in front of her classroom of students.

30-year-old Amelia Ressler is a mother from Carroll County, Georgia.

Ressler used to work as a substitute teacher at the Mt. Zion Elementary School in Carrollton, but the length of her employment there has not been disclosed.

On January 28, Ressler was instructing a second-grade class full of children between the ages of 7 and 8.

At some point during the school day, the authorities allege that Ressler recorded a highly inappropriate and graphically sexual video in front of the students.

The woman reportedly began to masturbate, and her open-front desk provided the children with a full view of her alleged performance.

The incident was purportedly recorded by Ressler, who reportedly posted it to her Snapchat account.

The video clip, which was approximately 15-seconds long, reportedly showed the kids sitting in the class while Ressler allegedly proceeded to masturbate.

A person in the community saw the Snapchat post, and they made a call to the authorities to let them know what they had seen.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office got ahold of the video clip that the caller reported, and after viewing, they identified Ressler. Her alleged acts in the recording were deemed “indecent and immoral.”

Ressler was taken into custody on February 5 for her alleged misconduct. She is expected to face 19 felony charges for child molestation, and she is being held in the county jail without a bond. The authorities stated that additional charges may be added.

The children from the classroom are being interviewed by the authorities to try to determine what they might have witnessed during the alleged incident.

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