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Teen Facing Felony Charges for Defacing Yearbook

A teenager was arrested after allegedly breaking into a database in his high school’s computer system and adding unsavory material to the yearbook’s student quotes section.

18-year-old Hollister Tryton attends Glastonbury High School in Connecticut.

As a feature in the yearbook, students were able to submit their personal quotes to be printed underneath pictures in the annual.

In May, the completed yearbooks were given to the seniors.

It was discovered by school administrators that some of the students’ quotes had been altered, and distasteful words were left in place of what was initially submitted.

One of the photos of a student displayed a Hitler quote, but the credit for the saying was given to George Floyd, the man who was murdered by an officer in 2020. Another student’s personal quotation was littered with drug references and displayed the name of the 2013 Boston Marathon bomber.

The school investigated the situation and recalled the annuals that had been handed out. In addition, the administration sent letters of apology to the parents of the students.

The authorities were notified about the hijinks.

When the police opened an investigation to try to figure out the situation, they reported that they believed the quotes were changed by someone “unlawfully accessing a computer database students used to submit their yearbook quotes.”

Both the high school and the authorities asserted that Tryton was most likely the person responsible for the added bigoted words.

A warrant was obtained for his arrest, and Tryton was taken into custody by the Glastonbury Police Department on July 9. He is facing charges for two counts of third-degree felony computer crimes for the allegations.

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