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Teen Prevailed in Battle Against Attempted Rapist

When a teenage girl awoke from her slumber to allegedly find a man atop her while trying to touch her inappropriately she managed to successfully stave him off by fighting back.

36-year-old Adrian Jauregui from Gretna, Louisiana, went to hang out at a friend’s residence for an overnight visit last Saturday.

Jauregui’s pal is the dad of a 16-year-old girl, and she was home on the night that the man came over to socialize.

The teen retired for the evening, and she reported that she woke up with Jauregui in her room and he had climbed on top of her. She further alleged that he was fondling her and requesting that she mother his child while making attempts to kiss her.

The girl put up a fight against Jauregui’s alleged sexual advances, and loudly shouted, which woke her father who quickly made his way to the girl’s room.

Jauregui bolted from the house after his friend reportedly intervened during the chaos surrounding the alleged sexual assault, and before the authorities were contacted.

When investigating the claims, the police allegedly saw messages that were sent from Jauregui’s Facebook account to the reported victim’s father with allegedly apologetic content that they believe was an admission of guilt.

Detectives from the Gretna Police Department apprehended Jauregui when they located him at his residence the following afternoon, and he was detained at the Gretna Parish Correctional Center with no issued bond amount for accusations that he was the perpetrator of the attempted assault.

Jauregui, who was still in jail on Tuesday, has been charged with attempted aggravated rape for the alleged early-morning effort to procreate with the underage girl.

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