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Suspect Shot Contraband Over Prison Fence

A woman allegedly in possession of a t-shirt gun outside of a correctional facility was arrested after officers claimed they saw a package containing illicit materials fly over the fence, and they targeted her as the shooter.

On Sunday morning, a vehicle reportedly pulled up to the barrier around the North Fork Correctional Center in Sayre, Oklahoma, a few hours away from Oklahoma City.

Guards on duty at the prison reported that they viewed an item propelling through the air after it breached the fencing around the facility.

When they went to retrieve the object, which allegedly dropped to the ground outside of one of the housing units, the officers reported that a package containing several items that are banned from the inmates at the medium-security prison were inside.

Upon further inspection, the prison authorities reported that meth, marijuana, cellphones, and other contraband were in the container.

The unit where the allegedly illegal parcel landed was placed on lockdown, and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol tracked down a car in the vicinity that they believed was driven by the suspect responsible for the incident.

40-year-old Kerri Jo Hickman, who was reportedly operating the vehicle, was allegedly found carrying a T-shirt gun, which is notably used at sports and arena events for shooting concessions and gifts into a crowd. Another package with similar illegal contents to those reportedly shot into the prison was allegedly discovered in the automobile, and the officers believed they had enough probable cause to place Hickman under arrest.

Hickman was incarcerated in the county jail and she is facing three felony charges comprised of introducing contraband into a correctional institution, narcotics trafficking, and conspiracy.

When her home was searched by the authorities, it was reported that additional narcotics were found, and it appears that they are being considered as evidence in the case being built against Hickman.

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