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Teen Strangled Girlfriend for Slow Delivery of Inhaler

A Florida teenager was arrested after he allegedly attacked and choked his girlfriend because he believed she took too long to bring an inhaler to his home.

19-year-old Tyrese Bonner lives in Ocala, and he has been with his long-term girlfriend for approximately three years. The couple does not reside together.

Recently, Bonner found himself in need of an inhaler.

The man called his girlfriend and requested that she bring him the device, and when she agreed, she stipulated that she was unsure of when she would be able to make it to his house. She reportedly specified that she would not be there right away.

When his girlfriend arrived, Bonner allegedly felt she had dawdled and didn’t reach him in the time he had expected.

The couple reportedly began to argue, and Bonner allegedly became physical with the woman by putting his hands around her neck and applying enough pressure to restrict her breathing.

His girlfriend reported that she broke free from his hold and fled to her car, but Bonner trailed behind her.

The woman made it to her vehicle before Bonner caught up, but the man allegedly broke one of the windows.

Before he was able to get in the car through the breach in the glass, Bonner’s girlfriend got out of the car and dialed 911.

Bonner allegedly intercepted the call and took the woman’s phone from her, but the police dispatched to the location.

The alleged victim stated that Bonner head-butted her and dragged her on the ground, and the authorities reported that she had injuries concurrent with her claims.

Before the police arrived, Bonner had already left the residence.

Deputies got in touch with him and hailed him back to the home, but Bonner reportedly declined their request and said he needed to get a good night’s sleep before being incarcerated.

Bonner, who was arrested for DUI in December, was taken into custody. He is facing charges for suspicion of domestic battery by strangulation, obstructing justice, and property damage.

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