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Teenager Attacked Grandparents Over Dinner Portion

A 19-year-old woman allegedly responded to the denial of her request for extra tomatoes at dinner by threatening and assaulting her grandparents.

On September 12, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the grandmother of Katie Jade Gates. The woman told the authorities that her granddaughter, who lives in the home with several members of the family, was causing a serious domestic disruption using physical force and they needed their help.

When the authorities arrived at the Callahan, Florida, residence, they first spoke with Gates’ grandmother and asked for her account of what had taken place prior to her call for police assistance.

The woman said the family was gathered at the table for dinner and Gates asked if she could have an extra helping of the tomatoes. She was reportedly told that she had already been issued the amount intended for her, and the unwanted denial allegedly caused Gates to act out aggressively.

Her grandmother said that Gates, while using foul language throughout the alleged event, propelled a water bottle in the direction of her grandfather and it nearly hit him. The woman said her granddaughter continued her tirade by throwing a cigarette pack toward her grandfather’s 73-year-old mother, and it hit her face making an impact with the top of her eye.

When her grandfather reportedly reached the end of his patience with Gates he told her that the way she was acting was not acceptable, allegedly causing her to become angry to the point that she used a knife while threatening and chasing the man.

After Gates allegedly stated that she intended to stab her grandfather in the face with the cutlery she then reportedly started to “underhand poke and overhand strike at him,” causing his wife to call the authorities, according to the police report.

An officer read 19-year-old Gates her rights and reportedly confirmed her understanding of their meaning before she allegedly copped to grabbing the knife while fighting with her grandfather, but she said she did not try to use it to harm him in any way.

Gates was booked into the Nassau County Jail in lieu of an $18,000 bond, and she is facing charges for felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and aggravated battery on a person over the age of 65.

She paid her bond and was released from custody, but Gates has been prohibited from contacting the alleged victims.

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