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Thief Left Books of the Bible in Place of Stolen Package

When a man reportedly stole a package off of an Arkansas homeowner’s porch, the alleged thief placed a piece of colored paper listing books of the bible in its place.

Vanessa Lowe lives in a home that she purchased two years ago in Benton, Arkansas, which is a suburb of Little Rock.

The woman had recently placed an online order on Amazon for a package of lightbulbs, and she had requested real-time notification to let her know when the item had arrived.

After she received the alert that a delivery driver had left her lightbulbs on her porch, Lowe reportedly returned to her residence to find that the package was not there as she had expected.

A bright green piece of paper was reportedly jutting out from underneath a side of Lowe’s doormat.

When Lowe retrieved and looked over the text on the page, she reported that it contained a list of specific bible scriptures and appeared as if it had been created with a printer.

When speaking with the press about the situation, Lowe said that the neighborhood in which she lives has never had a problem with package theft in the years that she has spent there. She additionally noted that she has a surveillance camera pointed at the front entryway of her home, and it had captured a recording of the alleged theft as it took place.

Lowe watched the surveillance video and noted that she was perplexed when she saw a man approach her home without a mask since most people are wearing them to protect against the spread of COVID-19, and it could have concealed his identity.

The homeowner notified the authorities and submitted the recording, and they are currently in the process of trying to identify the suspect.

Lowe reported that Amazon agreed to reimburse her for the purchase that she did not receive.

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