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Two Factors to Consider in DUI Cases

Many factors can affect intoxication levels in drunk driving cases. You should consult with a knowledgeable Irvine DUI lawyer to discuss what specific factors may have affected your case. This writing will provide insight into two common factors at issue in many DUI cases.

Factor 1: Stomach Problems

Medical issues can cause changes to one’s stomach physiology, which can affect how alcohol is absorbed by the body.

Medical issues that can impact the stomach include infections, diseases, cancers, and stomach surgeries. Also, prolonged excessive alcohol consumption can cause inflammation of the stomach’s lining (or gastritis). People who abuse alcohol are at risk of infection by H-pylori (or Helicobacter pylori), which can cause infections and stomach lining inflammation. Scientific reports have shown that the metabolism of alcohol is significantly reduced in stomachs affected by H-pylori.

Even psychological stressors can result in physical changes to the stomach and thus affect alcohol absorption rates.

Factor 2: Gender

When drinking comparable amounts of alcohol, women will typically have a higher concentration of alcohol in their blood system. A few factors explain this. First, dehydrogenase, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol, is usually found in lesser amounts in women. Also, relative to women, men tend to weigh more, possess more water, and have less body fat.

An Irvine DUI lawyer can explain if either of the aforementioned factors may be at issue in your case.

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