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Support Letters

Support letters come into play around the time of sentencing. The purpose of support letters is to give the judge a different perspective from that which has been learned from the trial. At this point, the judge has heard the evidence, a judgment has been rendered, and your Irvine criminal lawyer can only do so much to ask for leniency. Heartfelt letters from your friends may well be crucial in the judge’s decision as to the length of your sentence.

What the Letter Should Say

The letter should introduce the letter writer and inform the judge how long the writer has known you and what your relationship is. The writer should explain from personal knowledge your character, providing specific examples of things you have done or your accomplishments that make your community a better place with in which to live.

What the Letter Should Not Say

The writer should not offer an opinion on the result of the trial or challenge the verdict. Nor should the writer suggest a specific sentence. An exception may be if some special family event is on the horizon. In such a case, it may be appropriate to mention that your presence, if at all possible at that event, would mean a great deal to the family.

What the Judge Will Be Looking For

First of all, it is important to have all support letters sent to your Irvine criminal lawyer well before the date set for sentencing. She can then review them and properly present them to the judge.

The judge’s decision will be far more favorable if he or she has the opportunity in advance of the sentencing date to review these letters. The judge will consider honest, heartfelt pleas for mercy from upstanding citizens who truly know you, the defendant.

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