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Two Women Sold Laced Baked Goods at Church Event

When a church in Georgia had an event to help promote local business owners on Friday, two women were arrested for allegations that the treats they were selling contained marijuana.

Local business operators in Savannah were invited to set up booths and sell merchandise at a church event on September 14.

One of the spaces was reportedly used by two women who were selling sweets to the attendees such as marshmallow cereal bars, brownies, and other goodies.

Undercover agents with the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team reportedly purchased some of the edible items from 28-year-old Ebony Cooper and 26-year-old Leah Pressley, the women who were allegedly identified as operating the space.

When Cooper and Pressley packed up and left the event in their vehicle the authorities followed them and confronted them at a location away from the church. During a search of the contents of the car, they allegedly discovered many edible products that they believe contain marijuana, a gun, and cash in an amount over $1000.

Cooper and Pressley were taken into custody and booked into the Chatham County Detention Center. They are both facing felony drug charges, but the authorities do not believe that Pressley took part in the sales at the church event.

The church did not have any knowledge of the alleged activities of the women because the sale was reported as being hosted on the church grounds by an outside source.

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