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Wife Kept on Dog Leash at the Fair Injured by Husband

A man is facing charges after bringing his wife who suffers from dementia to the fair with a dog leash affixed around her so that she would not get lost. He allegedly pulled on the leash hard enough to result in injury.

66-year-old Walter William Wolford Sr. and his wife Catherine, accompanied by their son and daughter-in-law, went to the York Fair in Pennsylvania on Saturday, where Wolford and his wife also reportedly visited last year.

Wolford said that during their previous visit, Catherine, who has late-stage dementia, had roamed away from him and she was not found for over an hour, so he decided that he would use a nylon dog leash around her waist in order to prevent a repeat of that experience.

Another person in attendance at the fair said that they witnessed Wolford pulling the leash so tersely that Catherine’s head was forced backward, and they reported the event to the authorities.

The responding officers spoke with Wolford and he said that the leash was around his wife’s waist and she attempted to walk away from him he “gently tugged” before realizing that the cord had slipped up to her neck.

The police reported that Catherine was in a confused mental state and was not able to tell them her name or location at the time. When speaking with Wolford’s son and daughter-in-law regarding the event they stated that they had no reason to believe that Wolford would act abusively toward his wife.

Catherine allegedly sustained reddened marks on her neck in the area that the dog leash was attached, and she was released into the custody of her son who brought her home with him.

Wolford was taken into custody for suspicion of simple assault and he was released on an unsecured bail in the amount of $5,000.

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