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Uber Passenger Stole Car and Left Driver on Roadside

When a woman riding in an Uber became frustrated by the driver going too slowly for her liking, she allegedly stole the car and drove herself to the airport.

Early in the morning on December 10, a woman from Orange County, California, was in Austin, Texas, getting ready to get on a flight. She ordered an Uber to take her to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Shortly after, a woman with the rideshare company arrived, and they began their trip.

According to reports, the driver was not going as fast as the passenger wanted, and she became aggravated and started to complain. When she failed to speed up, the passenger allegedly got ahold of the driver’s cell phone and reportedly threw it out the window onto the busy street.

The driver pulled over and left the car so she could fetch her phone, and the passenger allegedly switched to the driver’s seat and took off in the woman’s vehicle. She reportedly left the Uber driver on the side of the road.

When the Uber driver retrieved her phone, she notified the authorities about the incident.

Officers from the Austin Police Department found the alleged car thief at the airport and reported that she had the Uber driver’s credit card. She was accused of using the card to purchase $120.00 worth of items. When they talked to her about the vehicle, the woman reportedly said she made an agreement with the driver to drive herself to the airport and leave the vehicle at the Southwest Airlines lot.

The woman was taken into custody and booked into the Travis County Jail for one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and one count of credit or debit card abuse. She was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

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