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Utah Woman Harassed Neighbors with Racial Slurs and Profanity

A woman from Utah who has gone viral on TikTok is facing legal action after reportedly harassing the family that lives next door, including their youngsters, with racist comments.

According to reports, a woman in Midvale who lives next door to a Black family has been confronting them with racial slurs and foul language since last May. Several videos of the encounters were recorded and posted on TikTok, where they went viral.

Last summer, the woman reportedly approached the mom, who was very pregnant, and poked her in the stomach before shoving her with both hands on her belly. Some of the neighbors reported that they witnessed the encounter, and a video was posted on TikTok. The family reported the ongoing issues to the authorities and the homeowner’s association.

In addition to the alleged repeated attacks on those neighbors, the woman also reportedly ripped up the garden of another neighbor. The neighbor reported that they had to grab a stick and chase her away to get her to stop.

The authorities put out warrants for the woman on suspicion of misdemeanor destruction of property, disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor assault. She was arrested and booked on a $1,500 bail for the assault and destruction of property warrants.

It was reported that the suspect’s First Amendment rights allow her to speak freely, so she is unlikely to face criminal charges for her words, but the family might be able to pursue charges for illegal nuisance and disorderly conduct. The FBI is also investigating whether the situation was a civil rights violation.

Neighbors reported that the family’s children appear to be well-behaved, and they only go outside to play. They expressed concern about the youngsters experiencing the suspect’s racist tirades.

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