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UFC Champ Arrested For Firearms and DWI

MMA fighter Jonathan Dwight Jones was apprehended after police accused him of driving while intoxicated, and discharging a firearm.

32-year-old Jonathan Dwight Jones, known to mixed martial arts fans as Jon “Bones” Jones, became the youngest person to ever hold the title of light heavyweight champion in the UFC on March 19, 2011. Jones won for a second time on October 10, 2018, and he is the current holder of the light heavyweight championship title.

Around 1:00 am last Thursday, the Albuquerque authorities were hailed by a person who reported that they heard gunshots in the area.

When the police arrived at the reported location they saw reportedly Jones sitting in his idle vehicle with the engine running.

Officers spoke with Jones about the report they received concerning gunshots and he said he was unaware of anything like that taking place.

When talking to Jones, the police reported that he was acting in a way that made them think he might have been drinking too much to be operating a vehicle, and they issued a roadside sobriety test.

Jones allegedly agreed with the authorities when they told him he did not perform up to par on the test, and he reportedly admitted to the assertion that he had been consuming alcohol.

A breath test was administered, and the police reported the results showed that Jones was driving with a blood-alcohol content of over twice the legal limit.

Jones was placed under arrest, and the officers searched his car. According to their reports, the police discovered a handgun and a half-empty fifth of mescal inside the vehicle.

Jones, who has at least one prior DWI charge, was booked. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of aggravated DWI, negligent use of a firearm, and possession of an open container.

His bond arraignment hearing is currently scheduled for April 9.

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