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Parents Arrested After Gun Fired During Domestic Dispute

A married couple in Illinois is facing several serious charges after a gun was allegedly discharged in their home in front of five children.
On March 26, 36-year-old Shari Beintema called the authorities and reported that she needed assistance regarding a situation at her home involving herself and a male.
Another person had also notified the police and they reportedly said that they thought they heard a gunshot from the same address.
Officers from the Elmwood Police Department, accompanied by deputies from the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office went to the reported location and said that they could see Shari inside of the house. The woman was reportedly seated in front of the television and appeared to be viewing it when they arrived.
Five children were also reportedly inside of the residence with Shari, and their ages were reported as 1, 2, 11, 12 and 18.
When the authorities tried to summon Shari to talk to them outside of the home she allegedly completely ignored them and continued watching TV.
Two of the kids came outside, and they were taken to a police vehicle to wait while the authorities tried to interact with Shari.
While the law enforcement officers continued trying to get Shari to cooperate, her husband Zachary Beintema drove up to the scene accompanied by a dog that was not wearing a leash.
The authorities reportedly told Zachary he would have to stay back, but the man tried to explain that he was the owner of the home and he allegedly began to act in a way that was considered non-compliant.
Zachary reportedly clenched his fists while he was walking toward one of the officers causing them to grab him and place him in handcuffs, but his dog, who was still unleashed, reportedly began to bite one of the deputies.
After the deputy was bitten by the canine a second time, the use of pepper spray caused the dog to release the deputy’s leg.
Shari reportedly told the authorities that she would cooperate with them if they made sure her kids were not able to witness it while she was arrested.
When she came outside to meet with the police, Shari began to have a panic attack and she was taken to the local hospital for treatment.
After she was released from the hospital, Shari was booked and charged for suspicion of domestic battery, unlawful use of a weapon, reckless conduct, endangering the health and welfare of a child, and reckless discharge of a firearm.
Zachary was placed under arrest as well, and he is expected to face charges for aggravated battery to police, resisting arrest, and domestic battery.
Both Shari and Zachary were released on bond the following day.
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