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Underage Drunk Driver Caused 2 Accidents and Assaulted Police 

A 20-year-old driver in Utah is facing nearly a dozen charges after she was accused of leaving the scene of two accidents and assaulting an officer while under the influence. 

On December 25, 20-year-old Rhaydea Jane Hull Thomas was reportedly driving in Syracuse in an SUV. 

The Syracuse Police Department received an alert about an accident that occurred and the driver who reportedly caused it had fled the scene. 

While officers were at the site of the crash, they were informed about a second accident. They were told that it took place a few blocks from the initial crash site.  

The officers went to the second accident site, and when they arrived, they noted that an SUV that was there was severely damaged. They asserted that it was the vehicle driven by the party that allegedly caused both accidents. 

The authorities interacted with the driver, and she was identified as Thomas. 

It was reported that when Thomas was talking to the police about what happened, she displayed several indications of being under the influence of an altering substance. 

After she allegedly failed a roadside sobriety test, Thomas was told that she was being detained.  

According to reports, the woman tried to run away before she was handcuffed, and she tried to hit an officer when they grabbed her. She also allegedly kicked and scratched several of the officers at the scene. 

Thomas was placed under arrest and booked into the Davis County Jail. She is facing charges of four counts of assault on a peace officer or military service member in uniform, two counts of accident involve property damage, one count each of propelling a bodily substance toward face/eyes/mouth, interference with arresting officer, purchase, possession, consume by minor, measurable amounts, and operating a vehicle without insurance. She is being held in lieu of a $2,500 bond. 

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