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Former Baywatch Actress Charged After Violent In-Flight Outburst 

A former NFL cheerleader and Baywatch actress on a Delta Airlines plane allegedly caused passengers and flight attendants to get hurt when she became upset about the placement of a beverage cart. 

51-year-old Patricia Cornwall is an actress and former NFL cheerleader for the Raiders. She has been involved in several media projects such as acting in an episode of the original Baywatch series and Married with Children. She was also in Playboy’s “Women Behaving Badly” documentary. 

On December 23, Cornwall was taking a flight with the destination of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 

While she was on the plane, Cornwall went to the restroom. When she was returning to her seat, she reportedly became bothered that a beverage cart was in a place she felt was an inconvenience to her. 

A flight attendant reportedly asked Cornwall to sit in any open seat for a moment until the orders were fulfilled and the cart could pass, but the woman became angry at the suggestion.  

Cornwall allegedly said, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”  

An 80-year-old man overheard the exchange and reportedly told Cornwall that they were not on a bus in Alabama and that she is not Black. 

The man, who was eating at the time, had his face mask pulled down. Cornwall, who was not wearing a mask, reportedly scolded him using profanity and pointed out that he was not wearing the face-covering properly. 

It was reported that the man responded by saying “sit down, Karen.” The pair reportedly continued arguing, and Cornwall allegedly spit at him and punched the man in the head. 

Passengers and flight crew grabbed Cornwall to remove her from the area, and she allegedly struggled and injured several of them. 

When the flight landed, Cornwall was taken into custody by federal law enforcement. She is facing a charge for assault by striking, beating, or wounding. 

A judge ordered that Cornwell is currently banned from flying, other than returning home. 

She could be looking at a penalty of up to one year in prison, and up to a $100,000 fine if she is convicted as charged.

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