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Unruly Passenger Punched Flight Attendant in Head

 A man who was on a flight from Mexico to Los Angeles is facing a felony charge after allegedly punching a flight attendant in the head after a denied request. 

On September 22, a man from Orange County, California, was on board an American Airlines flight from San José del Cabo, Mexico, to Los Angeles International Airport. 

The flight had been off the ground for approximately 20 minutes when the crew started to serve the passengers food and drinks. 

A male passenger reportedly got out of his seat and walked down the aisle until he found one of the flight attendants. The man allegedly put his hand on the crew member’s shoulder and said he wanted a cup of coffee. 

It was reported that the flight attendant told the man to return to his seat and that he would be able to have the coffee when they reached his row. The man allegedly grabbed the crew member by the shoulders. 

Instead of going back to his seat, the man reportedly took an open seat near the first-class section of the plane. 

When one of the employees spoke to the passenger and told him that he would have to return to his assigned seat, the man allegedly balled up his fists. The crew member interpreted the action as a threat of physical harm. 

The flight attendant decided to report the incident to the pilot. When they turned their back on the man, he allegedly punched the crew member in the back of the head. 

One of the other passengers recorded the altercation on their cell phone. 

The man was restrained for the rest of the flight and was turned over to the authorities when the plane landed in Los Angeles. 

The suspect was taken into custody by the FBI, and he is facing a charge of felony interference with flight crew members and attendants. If he is found guilty of the offense, he could spend 20 years in federal prison. 

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