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Upcoming Depositions for Daily Sun News Executives in Theft Case

A woman who was employed by the Villages Daily Sun has been accused of pilfering fraudulent commissions from the company. Several staff members including upper-level executives of the outlet are scheduled for depositions this week.

The Villages Daily Sun in Florida states that it is a part of a media group, and they are the “oldest, largest, and most trusted source of news and information for residents of The Villages community.”

Bellview resident Grace Mimm worked as a sales manager at the Daily Sun for many years. One of her duties was recruiting new customers for the paper, for which she was paid commissions.

According to James Sprung, the Associate Publisher of the paper, Mimm was accused of fraudulently acquiring commissions that she was not entitled to in more than one instance. In January 2017 Sprung verbally issued a warning to Mimm about the alleged theft. In June another employee was reported to have called attention to the activity when they noticed it was taking place again.

The accusations against Mimm stem from allegations that implementation of a promotional code in the computer system earned her over $500 in 71 transactions. By entering the code she was awarded extra money.

In August a warrant was issued for Mimm’s arrest and she was released from her position at the Daily Sun. She was booked into the Levi County Jail and charged with felony grand theft, and later released on $5000 bond.

Mimm entered a plea of not guilty and has denied having any participation in the alleged thefts since the start.

This week many staff members at the Daily Sun, including Sprung and other executive level employees, will be giving depositions for the case.

Mimm is awaiting her trial which is scheduled for April 9.

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