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Three Facing Charges for Hurling Pastries and Insults at Dunkin’ Donuts

Two employees and a customer at a Massachusetts Dunkin’ Donuts were involved in an altercation leading to assault and battery charges for all three women, and the discharge of the employees from their positions.

During the morning of January 21 34-year-old Sharon Bimbo entered the Tewksbury location of the Dunkin’ Donuts chain accompanied by her husband, her 12-year-old daughter, and her daughter’s dog who serves as the girl’s emotional companion pet. They visited the store in order to address an order from the day before that they said had been incorrect, and they placed an order for a coffee and a muffin while they were there.

The little girl’s dog was allegedly atop one of the tables while the family waited for their order to be prepared, and it caught the attention of the workers who reported it to the manager. The family was approached and the manager explained that they would need to take the dog outside because their policy does not allow emotional service animals in the building.

Bimbo reportedly became angry and asked for a refund before addressing the girls behind the service counter as she was exiting the store and asking them if they were lesbians. Bimbo stated that she overheard someone behind the counter speak about her using profanity and calling her fat before she asked about the sexuality of the couple.

The two girls Bimbo’s comment was aimed at were identified as 26-year-old Krysalis Maldonado and 28-year-old Steph Rodriguez; a married lesbian couple who worked for Dunkin’ Donuts for 18 months.

Rodriguez reportedly walked over to Bimbo to ensure she left the restaurant, but Bimbo stated that she believed Rodriguez was determined to assault her. After taking the dispute out of the store Maldonado joined the pair and allegedly began throwing donuts at Bimbo. Patrons and onlookers used their personal media devices to record the alleged battle.

Bimbo claimed that it was not only pastries she was hit with, but that the two workers also physically assaulted her and her daughter leaving cuts and bruises on their bodies and costing them a trip to the hospital.

Five days after the incident Rodriguez and Maldonado were notified that they were being relieved from their jobs with Dunkin’ Donuts as a result of the fight.

After viewing some of the recorded videos of the fight police Lt. Robert Stevens reported that they did not see any physical altercation taking place, only “a lot of yelling and screaming,”

Based on the video evidence reviewed and statements taken at Dunkin’ Donuts immediately following the incident, police have decided to charge all three women with assault and battery.

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