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Vengeful Ex Made Police Think She was about to be Murdered

After the police responded to a call from a woman claiming her ex-boyfriend was about to take her life, they learned that she had falsely accused the man, but they unexpectedly detained a fugitive.

On December 4, the Pueblo Police Department was notified about a potentially harmful domestic violence matter between a woman and her ex-boyfriend, and it reportedly involved a gun.

The woman said she was trying to stay out of sight but claimed that her ex had a firearm and he was making threats to kill her.

When officers arrived at the address, they surrounded the premises with the belief that the suspect was armed.

All of the people on the property were reported as making themselves visible without hesitation when the officers made their presence known.

After speaking with the man they believed was the suspect, the officers were told about the breakup. They discovered that the woman, who had moved out of state, used to reside at the home.

It was asserted that she was struggling with the dissolution of the coupling, and it was purportedly the reason for the woman’s faux report.

While they were at the residence, the officers spotted a camper in the backyard. When they were speaking with the people who had emerged from it, they learned that one of the men had an active warrant out for his arrest.

The man was identified as 39-year-old Lawrence Eugene Salazar, and he is listed as being wanted by the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force for allegedly violating his parole.

The police took Salazar into custody, and he was booked into the Pueblo County Detention Center. Salazar is being held without bond.

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