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Amazon Driver Caught Dumping Deliveries

An Amazon driver in New Jersey was discovered while allegedly throwing hundreds of dollars of packages into the woods but reportedly told police it was feces he was discarding.

23-year-old Desmond Gould hails from New Castle, Delaware, and until recently, he was employed as a delivery driver for Amazon.

On November 2, Gould was reportedly driving an Amazon van while working a delivery route in a township in Southern New Jersey.

An on-duty officer with the Logan Township Police Department was cruising along U.S. Highway 130 when he saw a van that had stopped on the side of the road.

When the officer approached the spot where the vehicle was parked, it was reported that a man was seen tossing a box into the woods that lined the edge of the highway.

The officer spoke with the man, identified as Gould, and asked what he was doing with the package.

As recorded in the police report, Gould told the officer that he was tossing excrement into the woods.

The officer instructed Gould to fetch the box, and it was purported that the package was a customer’s Amazon order out for delivery.

The authorities allegedly found several boxes with approximately $290 of undelivered merchandise when they inspected the site. The police surmised that Gould intentionally left packages in the woods so that he could come back for them at a later time.

Gould was cited and released at the scene for suspicion of theft and illegal dumping for the allegations.

Amazon responded to the charges against Gould and assured the public that he does not work for their company anymore and that this type of situation is not typical.

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